For the better part of a decade, David Norbery has entranced Atlanta audiences within the mercurial pop and expansive electronica he’s produced under the name Nomen Novum. Although that project was officially put on hold just under a year ago, Norbery has comes to terms with its demise and has continued to plunge forward with his latest venture, Night Heron. From a sonic standpoint, the two projects share some similarities, especially in their willingness to explore left-field sounds and textures, but Night Heron does seem to occupy a more minimal yet relaxed space. According to Norbery, “Night Heron has been less about making polished songs and more about playing within set limitations, keeping things rough and having fun. I will say that since the dawn of the Trump era it has been more difficult to enter that mindset. Night Heron has also been instrumental so far but that’s not necessarily a permanent thing.”

Directed by David Bonawits, the accompanying video accentuates the playful aspect of Night Heron’s music by focusing its attention on the antics of Norbery’s cat, Cricket. Known for his work with local groups Antbrain and the Manticores, Bonawits’ camera work shifts from intense closeups to wide, slow pans with many of the frames bathed in colors ranging from bright pinks and yellows to soft pastels. The resulting imagery feels dramatic almost to the point of absurdity, creating a surrealist atmosphere that’s well-suited for Norbery’s languid drones and pulsing synths. Check it out above.

“Private Feelings” is from Night Heron’s forthcoming debut, Careworn.

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