In the wake of today’s release of their sophomore LP, Chocolate, MammaBear has graciously allowed us to unveil their latest video, “Ice Queen.” The album is the result of years of work between MammaBear’s frontman Kyle Gordon and dynamic producer Kristopher Sampson (B-52’s, Coathangers, Ponderosa). Together the duo have crafted a record built on tethering emphatic hooks with divergent musical styles. However, the video for “Ice Queen,” shot by Nick Rhodes of Atlanta’s Coalesce Films, singularly screams low desert punk. It is a darkly rich taste of what Chocolate has to offer.

You are going to want to strap your ears close to your speakers and wrap yourself in kevlar sheets to prepare for this one. “Ice Queen” is as thick as the greasepaint font of MammaBear’s name at the opening of the new video. The music and visuals lock together tightly as if they were two co-pilots in a cockpit. Everything blasts off the tarmac like an aural stealth bomber and drops bursts of splattered napalm across a gritty low-fi aesthetic. Gordon and crew flail about, surfing the broken jet stream of a helicopter spinning out of control into unknown enemy territory. Sultry well-oiled leads fire through the mix covered in black flak and descend into a sea of smoke against ghostly overlays and transparent delusions. Gordon’s vocals crash with life-threatening immediacy to the forefront. The film crescendos as the band roars through an office space jungle that jumps with the beat of the war drum from the dystopian diaspora of the Congo to the burning fauna of Vietnam.

There is a ferocious psychedelia that stacks from one shot to the next and keeps building as the video progresses. Then, as it reaches its precipice, you feel intentionally disoriented as if a flash grenade has just gone off and the world around you is moving in slow motion. The video intensifies and an even wall of feedback emerges. All at once it helplessly flutters from its height in the kingdom of the clouds and sinks into the depths of the canopy below. Afterwards all that is left is the sound of a wheezing air raid siren choking on glowing green Zyklon B. The sound dies off, and the video fades into the bright white that shines at the end of the tunnel.

Check it out above.

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