While we’re still awaiting details on their forthcoming full length, “It’s the Sound” finds Atlanta five-piece Flamingo Shadow continuing their drift from the snappy tropical punk that defined their debut EP, V I B E C O N T R O L, into an aesthetic that is more reliant on pop overtones, but no less adventurous. If anything, the new single, along with its predecessor “Riding on the Wind,” sounds more expressive and open-ended, gliding along a series of alluring and emphatic grooves that tend to sweep up anyone and anything in their path.

Created using live footage from their August performance on Adult Swim’s bizarro late-night show Bloodfeast, the video embraces the program’s prismatic, improvisational style, enveloping the band in psychedelic swirls of light and color, or warping the visuals into abstract, mind-bending patterns. The end result serves as a kind of vibrant and delightfully decadent funhouse mirror—one that seeks out the deep recesses of the listener’s subconscious while accentuating the track’s surreal origins.

“The song itself has its own psychedelic roots as well,” vocalist Madeline Adams explains over email. “Inspired by a particularly colorful experience at an Athens after-party, the stream of conscious lyrics move from an out-of-body time warp to the feeling of being perfectly grounded for the first time, all to the tune of a sweaty, thumping beat.”

Check it out above.

Flamingo Shadow will perform on Sat., Feb. 10 at the Sweater Summer Light Art Party at the Mammal Gallery. Joining them will be Material Girls and MonteQarlo. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $15.

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