Formed by singer-songwriter Henry Tyler Pharis, Dearie Me is an emerging Atlanta band that is also comprised of drummer Kevin Carl (Formative Years), bassist James Nalley, and guitarists Zach Vickers and Ian Tuttle. The group, which counts artists like Bright Eyes and Manchester Orchestra among their influences, is on the verge of releasing their debut LP, They Love Me Still the Same, a twelve-song collection of stirring sad sack anthems filled with beauty and pain.

Led by gently picked chords set against a rolling snare, first single “Outside” echoes with a harrowing and somber tone. Throughout the song, Pharis’ voice aches with melancholic warmth, as if he misses what once was, but still maintains a glimmer of hope for the future. “I went home / Also where you’re from / And saw all of my friends / And they love me still the same,” he intones as the track slinks towards its dramatic conclusion.

Filmed in simple black and white at a house show in the basement of Stray Thoughts Recording Studio, the accompanying video carries a genuine and unique tone that complements the track’s wistful vibes. You can feel the raw emotion Pharis puts into his music, as he croons his pensive melodies over the soft hum of electric guitars. This is especially true towards the video’s end when the studio track vanishes and the viewer is left with only the live audio from the show to finish out the rest of the song. It’s a tender moment of quiet relief in a performance marked by moody tension.

Check it out above.

Dearie Me’s They Love Me Still the Same is out Feb. 9.

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