At first listen, “Spiders” sounds like so many fractured rhythms and splintered grooves unfurling themselves in oblique patterns, but spend some time with it and a twisted logic begins to reveal itself. There’s a haunting quality to the track’s movement; not necessarily in a scary sort of way, but more so eerie and dramatically haphazard like a nest full of spiders sent scattering for cover. In just a minute and forty seconds, Carey, aka Faun and a Pan Flute multi-instrumentalist Dan Carey Bailey, manages to create a modern classical chamber composition that is both expansive and engaging, luring the listener in one lurching horn and discordant piano note at a time.

By offering the scenes images both exotic and relatively mundane, the video provides an ideal visual companion to Carey’s free-flowing soundtrack. Perhaps it’s the way the images are layered over one another, never quite lining up, some overblown and pixelated, that makes the action appear so spectral, but there’s an unearthly quality to the production that accentuates the track’s unsystematic appeal. It’s a shockingly hypnotic work that, much like the music it visualizes, will have you hitting replay again and again. Check it out above.

“Spiders” is a taken from Carey’s new LP, Other People, available on cassette and digital via Null Zone.

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