At first glance, the new video for Campaign’s single “Back in the Hole” might seem a little on the nose, but once you get past the obvious nature of the literal holes in the video, it kind of makes sense. After all, this is one of Atlanta’s most energetic punk bands, and the five-piece have never been known to care much for allusion or hidden meanings. Instead, like the single, the video for “Back in the Hole” is a heart-pounding horror story complete with mysterious assailants and a gruesome finale, all within the space of two minutes.

The video was directed by Drew Mobley and features hand-held camera footage to keep the action as visceral as possible. It’s the perfect fit for the band, who are also using the video to promote the release of their new EP, Boys of Bummer Vol. 1, which will be self-released tomorrow. “Back in the Hole” is a bold step forward for the band; a crunchy slice of fist-pumping power punk that bodes well for the upcoming record.

The release of Boys of Bummer Vol. 1 is just the first part of a busy autumn for Campaign. In addition to playing Fest 15 (October 28-30) and Jabroni Fest (November 11-12), the band will be releasing a split 7″ with UK band the Run Up in November and a split 7″ with Boston punks Neutral Territory in January 2017.

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