At the Whole Foods Market on West Paces Ferry, Brandon Thomas outlines his vision for what will become the blueprint for his musical philosophy. He wears farmer-like attire, boots to… well, boot, as well as plenty of country-inspired fabric. As he mulls over the details of what has been capturing his thoughts these past few months, the palpable nature of his perspective almost takes a seat at the table itself. Its malleable nature lends itself to be open for interpretation and spun like a dreidel, but it remains steadfast in other ways, such as one of his only requests, coming on the cutting room floor.

“No brands,” he’ll say months later, on a phone call. He’s in LA, as passionate about the song and video as he is about traveling, or eating healthy, or learning new instruments. It is a testament to the originality that has clamped onto Thomas’ sound since he came into the national spotlight for producing OG Maco’s “U Guessed It.” BT’s solo career promises to traverse the course less traveled, complete with sweeping harmonies and vocal inflections that come dangerously close to whimpering into the mic.

Shot in Atlanta and New York City by Glass House Studios, the video for “Wild Animals” delivers a dance-reliant narrative that makes Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi look like the one man on the dance floor in conscious charge of every movement, no matter how deft. Watch the video above, premiered exclusively on Immersive Atlanta, and follow BT on social media after the jump.

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