Jeremi Johnson, the sonic wizard behind 10th Letter, has returned with another kaleidoscopic mindventure of a music video. “Temporal Paradox” is both sprawling and crowded, with Johnson’s psychedelic interpretation of breakbeat deftly balanced by Saira Raza’s cascading vibraphone.

Much like his recent video for “Song of the Asterite,” this is an exploration of movement and color, but there is a story behind the spectral explosion. According to Johnson, the imagery is the reflection of an ancient indigenous tribe who are taken on a quest through time by a powerful unknown entity. Variations on this theme were central to 10th Letter’s September release, Portals & Compasses, but with this new video, Johnson demonstrates his talent as producer, adding to the mythology of the album without retreading any ground already discovered.

Portals & Compasses is out now on digital and cassette via Harsh Riddims.

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