If any Atlanta band has embraced the art of leaving listeners wanting more, it’s Pallas. The local art punks attack in noisy, jagged screeds that come and go in quick ecstatic bursts. “Render,” the lead single from the group’s forthcoming self-titled debut, is essentially 74 seconds of off-kilter guitar eruptions and fractured grooves that somehow never feel forced or laborious. Hooks here are in short supply; instead vocalist Danielle Brutto peppers the track with earnest yelps and sneers while the band thrashes and flails all around her.

Directed by bassist Valentina Tapia, the video does its best to match the whirlwind intensity and spontaneous dynamism of the track. Animated clips of mutating art, text, and geometric figures are interspersed between shots of the group performing in-studio, lending an almost Dada-esque quality to the work that feels irrational and incongruent. Tapia has flashed elements of this style before while helming the “Degraded” video for Canadian post-punk outfit Preoccupations, but the vision here seems more willfully slapdash and playful.

Check it out above.

Pallas’ self-titled debut is out May 26 via Drop Medium. Pre-orders are available here.

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