Apart from invoking post-punk royalty, “Wire” is a word which resounds with contradiction, an item both tenuous and invulnerable. More than anything, though, there is a conductive immediacy to the word which perfectly suits Omni’s taut new video.

“Wire” is less stringent than “Afterlife,” the first single for Omni’s upcoming debut LP, Deluxe. Here, the methodical style of the band mixes with a new wave catchiness invoking XTC more than the Minutemen. The trio is comprised of Frankie Broyles, who recently left Deerhunter, along with former Carnivores members, Phillip Frobos and Billy Mitchell. If a line could be drawn from Omni to either previous project, it would run through Broyles’ delicately jagged guitar work, but Omni is a completely different beast than both Deerhunter and Carnivores, playing on a decidedly skeletal tradition of post-punk.

Directed by Broyles, the video plays on themes of 1980’s futurism. A collage of found footage alternates with art stills and Missile Command style graphics, and the images flicker in time with the staccato instrumentation to create a rich backdrop for the methodical track.

Deluxe will be released via Trouble in Mind on July 8.

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