For those fans who thought that hardcore had grown too limited and rigid, Athens’ Muuy Biien have continued to be a breath of murky, menacing air. The band’s sophomore full length, D.Y.I., was as lean as it was ferocious, a no-nonsense slice of tense, claustrophobic punk that wasn’t afraid to get filthy while it went digging for hooks.

“Another Chore” is the first single from the group’s upcoming LP, Age of Uncertainty, and it finds them adding a sinister, dub-style wrinkle to their already grim aesthetic. The song has an unhinged quality about it; outside of its caustic, punch-drunk stumble there’s no real discernible attempt at melody or structure. It’s far more concerned about invoking a certain atmosphere — in this case a sensation of dread that basks in its own lecherous gloom. It reminds me of something Dischord greats Hoover might have done back in the day if they embraced their more libertine urges and took a ton of drugs.

The video is no less dissolute. It’s gritty and wild, and, oh man, does it ever suck you in. I’d describe it for you, but it’s really the sort of thing you should see for yourself in all its dark, surreal, slightly NSFW glory. So instead, here’s what frontman Joshua Evans told Brooklyn Vegan about the song and video:

“‘Another Chore’ is a song about annoying, unambitious people. Robbie and I tracked the song at our house (Athens) in less than an hour with no preconceptions, or prospects for that matter. We chose to shoot the video while on tour in New York City with our friend Jorge Torres-Torres. This allowed us to approach the video in a stream of conscious fashion, similar to the song. Saxophones.”

Age of Uncertainty, is out October 28 via Autumn Tone/Epitaph.

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