The blessing and the curse of Michael Myerz is that he genuinely doesn’t give a shit what you think about his music. That sort of blatant disregard for affirmation or approval is artistically liberating, but it also allows his absurdist rap to cross the line separating his outlandish humor from his sometimes complete what-the-fuckery. Every song or video he drops is another opportunity to shine a light into the corners of his twisted imagination and seldom does Myerz hold anything back.

Directed by Chris Davidson, Jake Kruse, and Myerz himself, the video for “Robodogz,” the new single from his double EP, Bury Me With My Money​/​Kosmic Krust, plays out like a psychedelic dream or weed-infested fantasy. Part of the fun of immersing yourself in the rapper’s visual world is unraveling all its components and trying to piece together some sort of narrative. Here the viewer is confronted with a dream sequence that involves some sort of shady heist, or maybe it’s just a plan to create canine cyborgs. I don’t really know. The details aren’t all that clear, and Myerz isn’t the type to fill in the blanks.

If you want to try to trace the line between Robocop and whatever else is going on here, that’s up to you. I prefer to let his surreal vision exist on its own terms without any of my constraints. The irony is that this is one of Michael Myerz’s most well-developed and accessible tracks, as close to a pop rap single as he’s likely to ever get. But it’s still plenty weird. You might need a bong rip or a pull off the dog juice jug to buy in, and that’s okay. Michael Myerz is going to do Michael Myerz. Of that you can always be sure.

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