In Atlanta’s ever-expanding glut of aspiring rappers, Mauie the King Jr. is just beginning to lift himself above the crowds of pretenders and claiming his own stake. He’s got some way to go before he breaks through the clatter and congestion that marks the A’s fertile underground, but if you need any evidence as to the extent of his aspirations, look no further than his new video for the lively and plush “U-Way.”

Directed by Sean Kelly, the clip drops Mauie in the heart of the polo club set, arrayed in his finest equestrian apparel while flanked by two elegantly dressed and statuesque women. They’re all on horseback, the imagery shifting back and forth between an afternoon pleasure ride and a high luxury fashion shoot. Visually it represents a life of elitist extravagance, but it also serves as an alluring backdrop, highlighting the rapper’s confident stride and stylish flow.

Check it out above.

“U-Way” is taken from an upcoming project called MOOD, which stands for Moving (in) Only One Direction. Further details to come.

Mauie the King Jr will perform on Tue., Oct. 17 at 529 alongside Big Morgan (Record Release), Ethereal, and NEWMONEY. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $5. 18+ to enter.

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