Kyle Gordon’s MammaBear project keeps pumping out razor sharp tunes in preparation for the release of the band’s first LP sometime in 2016. After unveiling their latest batch of sneering Brit-rock in early August (the Strange Love EP), it feels only right the title track be accompanied by a mysterious video.

The frantic pacing, matched with a pulpy darkness, gives the production a spy thriller edge which perfectly fits the crunchy ‘90s feel of the song. Frenzied sprinting is followed by a surreal night drive with a glowing briefcase, topped off by a reminder never to trust humans dressed as cats. Gordon seems comfortable as the panicking protagonist and never overacts, letting director Nick Rhodes work his magic.

“Strange Love” is the third MammaBear video directed by Rhodes of Coalesce Films. Like the previous two, this is another fun take on a classic concept, all backed up by a killer song. MammaBear’s next release in preparation for the full length will be the Hell Cat EP, due sometime this fall. Whatever visuals Gordon has planned for that release, you can be sure it will not disappoint.

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