Scroll through the comments of any Larry League video or SoundCloud single and you’ll see a pattern start to emerge. Underrated. Slept on. Next to blow. The Atlanta rap trio have managed to build themselves a sizable and devoted underground following, but so far they haven’t been able to sniff any semblance of crossover success. The video for “La Flare Freestyle 2” won’t magically lift their fortunes—not in the short term anyway—but it does offer the group’s legion of fans another triumph to point to when arguing why Larry League deserve greater attention.

Directed by Jason G. Lindner, the video does everything in its power to magnify the trio’s already outsized personalities. There’s plenty of weed smoking and cash flashing, of course, to go along with the expensive house and weaponry (that musket tho!). But what keeps it unique, at least for this viewer, are the flashes of oddball imagery and surreal humor that streak through the clip like acid trails. Still, none of it would work if the song didn’t slap hard, and Larry League have that department covered in full.

Larry League will perform tomorrow night at the Mammal Gallery alongside Yung Bans, SlimeSito & Jurassic Park, Northside Mally, RobOlu, and Tony Shhnow. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $15.

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