I have been meaning to write about john.AVERAGE for a minute so I guess it’s a good thing the Atlanta rapper recently dropped a new video for “AVERAGE I,” a standalone single he released at the end of January. If you’re looking to get an idea of what sort of musical sandbox john.AVERAGE plays in, you need look no further his choice of backdrop music, the Roots’ “A Piece of Light.” Utilizing the track’s jazz and funk-inflected rhythms, the throwback MC drops jewels about life on the streets and the daily struggle of the artist toiling in obscurity. “They ask me when I got so real, I say the same day that my fucking dreams got killed / I mean I’m ill / But I still don’t get no recognition / Unless you count the pigeons that hear me when nobody will listen,” he spits with a fiery cadence that’s loose and lively.

The video, or “lifestyle piece” as the YouTube description calls it, was directed and shot by Jason Lindner of Highdeas Productions. The production flips between scenes of john.AVERAGE digging for vinyl at Criminal Records, performing at the Earl for A3C, and kicking rhymes with an emu at — I’m just guessing here — Yellow River Game Ranch in Lilburn, Ga. In other words, it’s a local vibe with a little bit of an eccentric streak, which sort of suits this cat to a tee. My advice? Just kick back, turn up the music, and watch john.AVERAGE do work.

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