Division and acceptance both come in strange packages sometimes. For instance, anyone who’s lived in a close-knit community can recall at least one black sheep in the herd, some dubious delinquent that you only know through the thick mass of rumors strung to their name. Folks build those perceived wasp nests from the slightest threads—the neighborhood they hail from, the company they keep, the beliefs they hold—and lo, ignorant bystanders on the outside learn to shun people they’ve never met.

Similarly, you wouldn’t expect a sly house banger to embrace said weirdos for their deviations. But that’s Kawan Moore for you; back in September, the local songwriter, producer, and activist dropped a whole EP’s worth of existential advice you can dance to, all with the rubbery charisma of Bootsy Collins. This video, shot in a single morning before a thermal camera (and very few clothes) at his Airbnb room in New York, emphasizes Moore’s utilitarian approach. “I’m starting to realize that I always have exactly what I need to bring my visions to life,” he stated on Instagram. “We don’t need too many resources to create.” Of course, apart from the funky colors, the prismatic filter also adds a cheeky double entendre—see how much heat Hommeboy exudes, ladies and gents?—but that’s par for the tune, a conflicted love affair for a fellow freak set to absolutely bonkers beats.

At any rate, Moore hints that “Bad News” marks a ‘visual interlude,’ so clearly the man-boy has even more outrageous tricks up his sleeve soon. And given what we’ve seen from Hommeboy thus far — both in his videos and his stellar live sets — we’re bound for a treat. Until then, let’s follow his example and dismantle those unchecked wasp nests with a little love and some hella flair.

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