It’s been 3 years since Gringo Star released their last record, Floating Out to See, and apart from releasing a 7″ in 2014, the band has been rather quiet. Despite receiving positive reviews, the surf-centric LP didn’t have a breakout single on it like their 2011 hit “Shadow,” which may have caused some listeners to question whether or not the band had regressed.

“Rotten” finds Gringo Star returning to a straightforward interpretation of ’60s rock and roll, eschewing Beach Boys tones for a slightly gritty interpretation of Brit rock. This is Gringo Star at their best, perfectly balancing psychedelic haze with pop hooks. The video reflects the smoky nature of the song, panning around the band’s practice space at an inebriated buzz, never focusing on anything longer than it takes to get out the next riff.

Though the Furgiuele Brothers are still front and center in Gringo Star, the guitar work is balanced by the steady grooves of Josh Longino, who recently replaced Lightnin’ Ray Jackson on bass. The new addition to the band previously spent his time with the Disapyramids, a roaring band of ’60s revivalists with an apparent residency at Trader Vic’s.

Gringo Star’s upcoming record, The Sides and In Between, will be released on August 26, and if the fuzzy rock of “Rotten” is part of the album’s template, it should be another success for the band.

Gringo Star will perform on Sunday, June 26 at Park Tavern. Supporting them will be East Cameron Folklore (Austin) and Chrome Pony (Nashville). Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is FREE.

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