It seems astonishing to me that “W’s” is the first piece of new music we’ve heard from Goldyard in 2016, but maybe that’s because I still keep their underrated 2015 LP, Fuck Culture 2, on steady rotation. Fans of that record’s narcotic funk and faded vibes will find plenty to like on the new cut, which glides along as smooth and as effortlessly as the classic Le Baron convertible that A.T. and In-Doe use to cruise through the countryside. Goldyard always manages to come correct with their visuals, and while admittedly not much happens in this video in terms of a narrative, it still looks and, more importantly, it feels like the duo are goddamn winning at life. True, that’s been the group’s m.o. since, like, forever, but that just means they know how to sell it well. Besides, do you hear the heat they’re bringing on the verses?! Shiiit. Style is one thing, skill is another, and on both counts Goldyard sound as sharp and focused as ever. Check it out above.

Goldyard will perform on Thursday, October 6 at 529 for the VJC Reunion at the A3C Festival. The Difference Machine, The Milky Way, Yamin Semali, and Pheonix are also scheduled to play. Doors open at 8 p.m. FREE with A3C Festival pass. Individual cover TBA. 21+ to enter.

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