In the ever-revolving game of local band forecasts, there is one prediction I keep returning to: “Danger Incorporated is going to blow up in [insert arbitrary number] months.” This is a comment I have both read and come up with independently after listening to the duo’s entire discography several times over. Their self-shot music video for “Body” holds up to this standard by creating a pastel soundscape via dreamy, reverb-soaked music that maintains a certain dark edge that leaves listeners with no damn clue what the music could be classified as. Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord are masters of blending deep trap vocals alongside falsetto crooning, all while conveying a sense of inseparable companionship that is exposed through their lyrical exchange.

Danger Incorporated recently joined forces with ATL underground giants Awful Records and this video is perhaps a symbol of their new alliance. Slow motion shots of the duo were recorded mainly on a beach where the sun is setting, a visual which aligns well with the hazy and relaxed momentum of the song. Meanwhile, another storyline is maintained by inserting small screens into the shot that have clips of everything ranging from ice skating to a short scene of Yung Lean walking. Through their minimalist approach, Danger Incorporated allows the viewer to attach endless meanings and significance to “Body,” but what will keep most coming back for a revisit is the duo’s dedication to making excellently produced, chameleon-esque music that will tailor itself to almost any vibe.

“Body” is the latest single from World Wide Web, available for streaming via SoundCloud.

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