Listen close, y’all. That’s the sound of the future you’re hearing. Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord probably didn’t need the Awful co-sign to get where they’re headed, but the collective’s penchant for underground word of mouth will certainly speed up the journey for Danger Incorporated. But the truth is, if you’re going to blowup, you’ll need to pack some firepower. The duo’s latest EP, World Wide Web, is mostly a gauzy, nebulous affair, but they made sure to include one true banger, one filthy hand grenade of a track. And this week they pulled the pin and let “Atlanta Neighborhood” detonate on YouTube along with some dope house party visuals courtesy of Kobi A. and Ben Searles. I’m not quite ready to say these cats have arrived, but watch this video and tell me they aren’t well on their way.

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Instagram: @louieduffelbags
SoundCloud: @danger-incorporated
Twitter: @LouieDuffelbags