One of the thrills of following local music closely is that you get to experience the emergence of artists in real-time. While the rest of the country discovers a band through the convergence of various web features, social media coverage, and satellite radio spins, local fans have the benefit of understanding and appreciating the journey it took to get to there. So rest assured that when a group like Atlanta alt-rockers Big Jesus premiere their debut video on Alternative Press and hit close to 10,000 plays in under two days, it will bring a big, dumb fucking grin to my face. Because I know where these guys started.

Am I surprised? Not really. Big Jesus have always had a knack for pairing monster riffs with anthemic vocals and a sense of atmosphere. The only thing that has changed over the years is that the band has grown tighter, the guitars more biting, the hooks bigger and more infectious. “SP,” the lead single from their upcoming Oneiric LP, is a culmination of all that development and maturation; it’s a high-octane scorcher that packs a considerable wallop.

The above video ties into all that explosive energy by breaking the movement into quick pans and rapid-fire cuts. Even when the camera does choose to linger on a particular subject is does so by splicing the footage into a series of jittery shots. I’m not exactly what to make sure what to make of the clock exploding and the pieces surging to life, but perhaps it’s a commentary on the way time can consume us if we’re mindful of staying in the present. “Don’t think, put your mind away / Let it all fade” goes the driving chorus. Fortunately, Big Jesus’ hypnotic songwriting makes that part easy to do.

Oneiric is out September 30. Pre-orders are available here.

Big Jesus will perform on Friday, August 12 in support of Poison the Well for the Wrecking Ball ATL Kickoff Show. Fellow locals Piss Shy open the show. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $22.50.

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