Singer-songwriter Adron has been effortlessly churning out beautiful, bossa nova style ballads in Atlanta and beyond for nearly a decade. Yesterday, the artist released a live version of the Franz Schubert classic “Ave Maria.”

At its core, the song is what one would expect in approach and melody. Adron has never been afraid to commit to tradition, yet what makes her different from many artists are the minute embellishments to her melodies and guitar playing that add another dimension to a song. For “Ave Maria,” a desperate and somber composition, she incorporates elements of jazz and samba to give the cover more of a sway, rather than a swing. Upbeat chord phrasings and the addition of Pandeiro, played by drummer and percussionist Colin Agnew, help bring the song out of the darkness and into brighter — or at least more hopeful — horizons.

The video is set in a remote area of the Goat Farm (my guess is the uphill nook located between the events space and the coffee shop). With the exception of its excellent quality, the video is very minimalistic in subject or content. Adron and videographer Tim Redman want no distractions from the intended point of focus: the state of sonic bliss that encapsulates so many Adron fans and the fact that we as viewers should enjoy being in the moment.

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