The new video from ABRA doubles as a somewhat unofficial single release. “Come 4 Me” is only one minute long, and if you really want to read into it, the frigid, downtempo jam seems like an album trailer, or at least a hint of her new direction.

ABRA’s last video, 2015’s “Fruit,” appeared as an embrace of the posh mainstream, but “Come 4 Me” is a reclaiming of her throne as Awful Record’s Darkwave Duchess. Every shot of the video is all ABRA — in your face, and in her element. The video was directed and produced by Tyler Mitchell, who imbues the clip with a magnetism so mesmerizing the end result is almost disconcerting.

Both the track and video balance grandeur with nuance. Each color and the corresponding outfit are impeccably matched, but the brevity of the song keeps the focus from being anything other than ABRA’s simple yet fabulous songwriting.

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