For a band that remains as active as Twin Studies, it hard to believe that the group’s last release is a nearly year-old single—one which, incidentally, no longer appears to be available anywhere online. But fret not! The shoegazing, dream popping stalwarts have a new record on the way, to be released in the upcoming months via Brooklyn-based Spirit Goth Records. And as precursor, the band have shared the record’s lead single, the lush and, yes, dreamy “Years & Years.”

Led by a low-rumbling bassline and steadfast drums, the track doesn’t so much build as it twists and spins in circles, thrusting forward in sparkling waves of high arpeggiated guitar before slumping back into a shimmering mid-tempo groove. There are moments of release, of course, swooning bursts and cascading blooms of textured noise that provide a needed bit of urgency, but it’s Hollis Griffin’s spectral falsetto that sets the song’s moody atmosphere and lends it an ethereal mystique. For fans eagerly awaiting new material, it’s patience well rewarded, and a strong indicator that Twin Studies may finally be ready to come into their own.

Listen below.

Twin Studies will perform on Wed., Jan. 3 at 529 alongside Small Reactions, Easter Island, and Slow Parade. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations accepted at the door. 21+ to enter.

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