Look, we know we throw a lot of new music at you. We also know that not everyone who comes to this site has the time to be as involved with or informed about the local scene as maybe they’d like to be. So for those casual readers who either can’t or have no interest in keeping up with the parade of artists we try to cover, who may not know the difference between Bitter and Biters, we have created our TRIPLE THREAT feature. The premise is simple: every Friday our writers will put their heads together and come up with three tracks that grabbed our attention over that week. Then we tell you why the songs are great and worth listening to. That’s it. Maybe some weeks we’ll have a guest commentator come in and share their favorites, but the format will always remain the same: three songs, some words, and we out. Enjoy.

Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright – “Accidental”

From the Division LP

Since discovering singer-songwriter Shannon Wright wrote her new album at the studio of classical pianist Katia Lebecque, I was hopeful that her new LP, Division, would reach uncharted territory for the former Touch and Go alumnae. Instead the album explores the same themes of longing and identity Wright has addressed on previous albums at a narrower angle. The fourth song on the album, “Accidental,” is somewhat of an outlier among the rest of the haunting tracks. From a cheap, tinny drum machine, Wright conjures sensitive tones which bounce playfully against her vulnerable lyrics. Rather than inspire sympathy from the listener, the openness of the track emancipates a spiritual and emotional strength within Wright’s voice which carries through till the close of the album. – Russell Rockwell

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Web: shannonwrightmusic.com
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Credit: Brandon McClain

Father – “Hands”

On Father’s new single a move is made down the body that goes from “Wrist” to “Hands” on a track that is true to his weirdo form but still leaves your neck sore from head bobbing. Buoyed by a steady rhythm, “Hands” is an “I will beat your ass and my people will too so don’t try SHIT” proclamation to the world that is delivered with Father’s magical ability to produce a glittery and hype song with over-the-top yet infectious lyrics. Known for representing Atlanta, Father references the APD and Cobb County Police, expressing the futility of calling them on him while bubbly snare hits pop in the background. Will you learn all of the lyrics to this song? Yes. Do the hooks work dangerously well? Definitely. Don’t sleep on this joint. – Blake Chapman

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Web: fatheraintshit.com
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SoundCloud: @liquor-cabinet
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Slow Fire Pistol

Slow Fire Pistol – “Beauty”

Finding unexpected avenues and corridors within a well-worn genre like hardcore can be tricky business but Slow Fire Pistol seem to have an intuitive knack for seeking past established boundaries. Their latest release is a raw standalone single that kicks, claws, and screams its way over two minutes of blitzkrieg fury. Guitars flail and thrash, drums rumble and blast apart in chaotic fits. But just when the intensity reaches a feverish peak, the band dials it back a notch before hurtling themselves into the wiry riff that closes out the song. Personally, I find that music this rough and abrasive is usually hit or miss but Slow Fire Pistol are damn near batting 1.000. – Guillermo Castro

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Bandcamp: slowfirepistol.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @slowfirepistol