Look, we know we throw a lot of new music at you. We also know that not everyone who comes to this site has the time to be as involved with or informed about the local scene as maybe they’d like to be. So for those casual readers who either can’t or have no interest in keeping up with the parade of artists we try to cover, who may not know the difference between Bitter and Biters, we have created our TRIPLE THREAT feature. The premise is simple: every Friday our writers will put their heads together and come up with three tracks that grabbed our attention over that week. Then we tell you why the songs are great and worth listening to. That’s it. Maybe some weeks we’ll have a guest commentator come in and share their favorites, but the format will always remain the same: three songs, some words, and we out. Enjoy.


Omni – “Equestrian”

From the upcoming LP, Multi-task

It’s easy to understand how Omni continually get Devo comparisons, but even though the trio are well-versed in the art of detailed, mechanical pop, their music has never sounded quite as robotic as one might assume from the reviews. Nowhere is this truer than their new track “Equestrian.” The song sizzles and bounces like oil in a pan, relying on warm, ecstatic rhythms rather than cold, plasticized repetition. It’s the first single from their newly announced record Multi-task (which drops Sept. 22), and while the track promises more of the same detailed design as their debut LP, there’s a bit of soulful swagger lurking beneath the meticulous structure that imbues it with exultant energy. – Russell Rockwell

Multi-task is out September 22 via Trouble in Mind. Pre-orders are available here.

Omni will perform on Thu., Jul. 20 at Irrelevant Music Fest at the Earl. Also performing will be MATERIAL GIRLS, Jock Gang, DEEP STATE, Soft Option (Nashville), and Glare. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $10-15. 21+ to enter.

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Bandcamp: omniatl.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @omniatl
Instagram: @omnideluxe
SoundCloud: @omni-band
Twitter: @omniatl>

Rose Hotel

Credit: Jennie Fowler

Rose Hotel – “Honestly”

From the standalone single

Is this the modern world? In the alpine air of Rose Hotel’s “Honestly,” you’d never expect to find yourself anywhere near the ATL, let alone before a drag queen musical at Rowdy Dowdy. And yet, there we were a month ago, as Jordan Reynolds serenaded us on Frat Beach with just her guitar and that heavenly voice. Now, even with the gloved touch of a steel guitar and some gorgeously dejected French horns, Rose Hotel still sounds like a room for one, a cottage retreat for the world-weary writer who needs time away from the city to reflect. Which seems uncanny, but I’m reminded now of Molly Burch, the modern-day balladeer from Austin, who did exactly that after breaking up with her boyfriend in Asheville. That’s not a perfect analogue of where “Honestly” takes the enraptured listener — but as with Burch, it’s a slow burn that’s bound to grow once Rose Hotel open their doors later this year. – Lee Adcock

Rose Hotel will perform on Wed., Jul. 19 at 529 in support of Dougie Poole, Cuntry, and Sad Fish. Doors open at 9 p.m. $5-7 suggested donation. 21+ to enter.

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Web: rosehotelmusic.com
Facebook: @rosehotelmusic
Instagram: @rose_hotel
SoundCloud: @rose-hotel
Twitter: @rosehotelmusic

Buckhead Shaman

Buckhead Shaman – “The Toad”

From the standalone single

Stuck in Buckhead and ready to take a trip? Luckily all you have to do to escape is put in your earbuds and allow this hallucinogenic jam to pull you under the influence. But make sure to buckle up and sit tight, because this single is a wild ride: disorienting, fluid, and euphorically cosmic. The brainchild of Tyler Hobbs, currently of fellow psych explorers Satisfiers of Alpha Blue, Buckhead Shaman is a new band on the block with a unique psychedelic groove. With the strong Tame Impala and POND vibes that this tune emits, it should only be a matter of time until its magnetic sound corrupts a multitude of eager eardrums. Smooth synths? Check. Ethereal vocals? Check. “The Toad” is a welcome arrival that will surely burst any Buckhead bubble. – Sophia Rubin

Buckhead Shaman will perform on Fri., Jul. 28 at the Casa Nova in support of Frank Hurricane and Cousin Dan. Fellow locals Sad Fish open the show. Doors open at 9 p.m. $5 suggested donation. All ages.

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Facebook: @BuckheadShaman
SoundCloud: @buckheadshaman