Musicians and artists are blending mediums for a “tropical-themed light art show” called Sweater Summer this Saturday at The Mammal Gallery. Madeline Adams, a.k.a. Lady Nice of the tropical new wave group Flamingo Shadow, conceived the idea in October and has put together an impressive team of artists to make this event happen. The evening was originally curated for the purpose of a celebration of survival through the (normally) dreary winter months, but has taken on new significance over the past few months. When asked what Sweater Summer represents, Adams replies, “Well, we started planning Sweater Summer in October, so it was imagined as a tropical respite from the last few weeks of winter. Now, it’s starting to feel more like a metaphor for our new terrifying climate.”

So what can you expect to see and from this event? The Mammal Gallery is going to be occupied on both floors with a bright and pulsing homage to warm weather created by nearly a dozen local artists. There will be tiki bar beverages to help enhance the mood. Downstairs you will find synth-pop group Culture Culture, electronic trio Breathers, Flamingo Shadow, and DJ Yoon Nam providing a sonic experience that will be paired with their own custom light installation. Upstairs, attendees will be exposed to a wide mix of illuminated art. “There is a fair bit of LED-centric work in the gallery, but people can also expect to see projection mapping and experimental video,” Adams explains. “We have one artist creating an old-fashioned zoetrope, and another using viewer’s brainwaves to create feedback loops. So yeah, expect variety.”

Sweater Summer Flyer

For more information on the various artists creating installations for the show, visit the Facebook event page.

Sweater Summer goes down tomorrow night at the Mammal Gallery. Doors open at 8 p.m. Music starts at 9 p.m. Admission is $15. 18+ to enter.