SOLILOQUIES FROM THE SOUTH is an informal interview series that seeks to provide up-and-coming artists a forum to tell their personal history and speak to their own purpose and motivations as a creator.

an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play

Henry County is back at it with versatile artists on the come up! Bando Beatz and 2 LIT 2 QUIT GANG member Skygod Spence recently released his video for “1000” off his 2015 EP, Built to Stunt. Directed by Donny Slater, the clip is a melting pot of well-framed angles and soft focus camerawork, but what really makes it work is Spence’s hype and enthusiasm. It’s only right to ask ya’ boy how he obtained so much juice in this piece, because artists who rap with true passion and throw off so much infectious energy do not just fall out of the sky. Being a rapper in Atlanta, some people really do believe these guys just come out of the alleys like shadows with a voice, but not every artist is a stray cat meowing random lyrics. Skygod Spence’s vocal on “1000” is like hot steam that blows and echoes through a listener’s ears, making them want to push replay over and over again.

To help get his soliloquy started, we asked Spence to talk about how he got his start in hip-hop, his influences, and how he wants to be known as an artist. Here’s what he had to say:

“I wanna be an underground icon ’cause I don’t want to be another black face for a white man to sell. They put these labels on you and try keep you stuck in a box as a ‘rapper.’ My wave is no wave. I don’t have a label you can put on me. I don’t want to have crossover hits. I just want to influence the kids looking up to me and be a voice for the people I’m with on the daily who can’t be heard.

I started writing raps when I was 13, I think. Lil Wayne made me wanna be a rapper because he looked like he had the whole world at his feet. I wanted that lifestyle. I started recording when I was 16 in my homie Shaq’s basement. Humble beginnings. Shoutout Winslow.

I do music because I think that’s what God put me on earth to do. I’m trying to leave a positive influence on every person I come in contact with. I do music so me and it will be remembered long after I’m dead. Only God knows what major opportunity lies ahead of me. I’m working on a new album executive produced by Ron Shaw called Pretty Blue. We’re trying to make that a very special project so hopefully it opens the doors for those major opportunities.

My influences are the people I surround myself with on a daily basis, Bando Beatz… Women. I don’t look to other rappers in the spotlight. I fuck with A$AP Bari and Frank Ocean, though. I wanna impact the culture but be low-key and out the way with it like them. My influences come from real life.”

Skygod Spence’s latest mixtape, BLACKBRADPITT, dropped last month and is available for streaming via SoundCloud. Check out the video for “1000” below.

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