SOLILOQUIES FROM THE SOUTH is an informal interview series that seeks to provide up-and-coming artists a forum to tell their personal history and speak to their own purpose and motivations as a creator.

an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play

Twenty-year-old Atlanta phenom KINGMARZE has been there for the local hip-hop community through thick and thin as a producer, rapper, entertainer, and all-around joyful person who wants to see others win. Despite his youth, his eccentric beats and catchy, off-kilter grooves have put his production skills in high demand. As a rapper (and not just your regular, trap happy, running-at-the-mouth spitter), he embodies the grace and soul of an anime hero trying to tell us what’s up with the world around him. Recently, he chopped it up with me about growing up as the son of a producer, the vibe he tries to create with his music, and his love of anime.

“I’m KINGMARZE, twenty years old, born in Atlanta, Georgia. Raised in Stone Mountain. All around artist and producer. I started creating/doing music by learning from my father at an early age. He’s a producer as well and I’ve witnessed and experienced hella studio sessions while I was growing up — from infant to now. Seeing him create beats def convinced me that that’s the shid I’ll be doing once I get older. I just love anything and everything about music. It’s legit a part of me.

“So far I’ve been producing for a lotta big upcoming names. Keeping that one a surprise for ya’ll. Shows. Hella music videos getting done.

“I want beautiful vibes to radiate from the listener’s speakers and headphones as they listen. Most of the time I try [to] refrain from swearing in my tracks. Just to make it family friendly, so every gah damn person in the world can vibe. Everything in my vision, it’s always going to be something new, all produced by myself. I’m doing producer collabs soon as well. It’s going to be hype!

“If you look into my music and visuals, anime is important. The storylines have so much depth. The visuals are legit breathtaking. I love the art style of anime characters. They wear dope shid. People really fuck with my love for anime and occasionally send me messages about the anime’s they’ve been watching and such. It’s dope. Anime and good-ass music just always goes hand in hand.”

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