SOLILOQUIES FROM THE SOUTH is an informal interview series that seeks to provide up-and-coming artists a forum to tell their personal history and speak to their own purpose and motivations as a creator.

an act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play

The sunny, ride through in your Lamborghini single, “Rose Tinted,” is Garrott Odom’s new banger out in the streets of South Atlanta. Filled with smooth undertones and a California vibe, the track is more laid-back than Odom’s preferred style of fast, nostalgic Atlanta hip-hop stuffed with metaphors and visual details. Produced by Contour and featuring appearances by Cameron Butler and E. Fitzgerald, the single was released by New York-based BANY [Born Again New York] Records, who recently took the Clayton County rapper under their wing.

To help jumpstart his soliloquy, we asked Odom how he got his start rapping and what his purpose is as a recording artist. Below is his response.

“I made my first song when I was nine. My name was Lil G. I started rapping again at 16. My name then was Gary Samurai. I didn’t start rapping again and taking it serious until I was 20. I will be 23 in August.

I make music because it’s my purpose. It’s the reason God put me on this earth. Everyone has a reason they’re here, but most people go against it. I’m just thankful I was stubborn enough to stay focused. I’m on BANY Records, which has really opened up a lot of great opportunities for me. [I’m] performing all around the country this year.

The only influence I truly have is life. My family inspires me. My friends inspire me. My own personal experience is what I want to be known for, so that’s what I put in my music. No gimmicks. I love rapping, too. I’ve studied hip-hop since I was born, so I’m just trying to bring what hasn’t been brought to the game and bring pride to Clayton County.”

Give a listen to “Rose Tinted” below.

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