Small Reactions deserve more than this. More than a half-assed post at quarter past six o’clock on a Friday when I’m already three margaritas deep into our office happy hour. But beyond that, “Dinner Song,” which immediately establishes itself as one of the group’s most streamlined and accessible songs, deserves a better introduction than whatever mishmash of half-lit enthusiasm and awkward metaphors I’m able to string together at the moment. I freely admit all that. But considering the song’s indomitable qualities (just listen to Sean Zearfoss’ relentless backbeat carve a path for those sprinting guitars and make room for Scotty Hoffman’s terse refrain “I’m dying for your light”) and the fact that the band has a release show tonight at 529, and I’m not going to lie: there’s an obligation on our part to pack this into as many ear holes as possible. So listen up. Give this a spin or five and make your way to East Atlanta tonight. Small Reactions definitely deserve it.

“Dinner Song” is out today as part of a split 7″ with fellow locals Dot.s to be released via Chunklet Industries.

Small Reactions will celebrate the release of their split single tonight at 529 alongside Dot.s, Je Suis France, Beije, and Thousand Arrows. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $8. 21+ to enter.

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