Fuiste - Slow Burner

Out of Atlanta comes the relatively new formed math-rock band, Fuiste. The group has been around since the end of 2014, but it wasn’t until recently that they took their music journey head-on. The group consists of Jonny Bakos on bass, Sam Wilson on guitar, and Skylar Brilliante on drums. All three went to the same high school, and Sam and Skylar attended the same Spanish class. This is where the name “fuiste” – a Spanish word which, depending on context, means ‘you went’ or ‘you were’ — originated. Their teacher used the term one day, and it stuck from that point forward.

The trio recently released their debut EP, the three-song Slow Burner. It’s a schizophrenic affair, full of complex rhythm changes and wiry guitar riffs that fly out of your speakers like so many strands from a spider web. There are traces of jazz, hardcore, and psych rock, all connected and then torn asunder by noisy interludes that seem to appear out of nowhere. What little vocals there are appear almost inconsequentially without much melody to steer them. It’s a relentlessly restless record and yet, despite its messiness, it all comes together in a manner that is exciting and constantly surprising.

Slow Burner is available for streaming or as a name your price download via Bandcamp.

In addition to unveiling their debut, the Atlanta trio is heading on their first tour alongside Delphinium, starting today. Check out the list of dates below.

Fuiste Tour Dates
June 17 – Murderhut- Murpheesboro,TN
June 18 – House Show – Raleigh, NC
June 23 – The Oxford Lounge – Philadelphia, PN
June 24 – The Slam Pit – Newton, NJ
June 26 – The Cake Shop – Manhattan, NY

More Info
Bandcamp: fuiste.bandcamp.com
Facebook: @fuiste.atl
SoundCloud: @fuistepleasestay
Twitter: @fuiste_atl