Since their 2010 debut, Eyelid Movies, Phantogram have become a standard of the contemporary electro rock and synthpop genres. With tracks like “When I’m Small” and “Mouthful of Diamonds,” the Brooklyn duo reeled listeners in with their distinct vocal layering and punchy rhythms, their balance between ethereal sounds and driving drum and bass. On a personal level, my love for the band was solidified with 2014’s Voices, which found the band at their most consistent and adventurous. Here, the pair refined their sound, stepping away from the lush guitars of their debut, and into far more electronic territory full of arena-ready beats and nocturnal ambience. On Phantogram’s latest release, Three, the group has steeped their sound even further in mechanistic, festival-ready pop. Bounds away from the band’s original sound and driving pace, it’s tempting to call Three a contractual obligation, a filler LP. As the band visits the Tabernacle tomorrow night, let’s hope their earlier material receives equal play, and their new songs loosen up some amidst the bright lights and sweat. Phantogram has always been a crafter of beautiful vocal lines and melodies on top of unique soundscapes, and there is a sincerity within Sarah Barthel that I am eagerly awaiting to behold live. Let’s see what they have to offer.

Phantogram will perform tomorrow night, March 17, at the Tabernacle. They will be supported by the Veldt. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is $36. All ages.

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