With the release of their 2013 self-titled debut, Rrest quietly emerged as Atlanta’s premier purveyors of drowsy lo-fi pop. The record arrived as so much warm vapor and hazy midnight smoke, a somnolent collection of songs that shifted from gloomy to dreamy to meditative, often in the span of the same track. It was an intoxicating listen, one that tugged at the edges of your subconscious while worming its way into your ear.

In late July, the band unveiled their first new piece of music in almost two years on Stereogum, while also announcing the impending release of a new EP. Entitled Japanese Honeymoon, the new record is said to be centered around a series of “voyeuristic vignettes,” and listening to this single, you can definitely hear that theme coming into play; “French Connection” is one of the prettiest and most alluring songs about a stalker I’ve ever heard.

Taken purely at face value, the track finds the band trading the mist and haze of their debut for the solid footing of a steady backbeat and classic — albeit dreamy — hooks. The production is more polished and outside of any context, the track’s effortless glide sounds almost buoyant. But dig into the lyrics and the song quickly dissolves into something darker and possibly far more sinister. “I’m not trying to haunt your life / I just want to be close to you,” sings frontman Wes Ables, his voice a mix of yearning and quiet desperation. There’s no overt threat of violence or vengeance, but the creepiness factor is definitely unnerving. Listen below.

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