Nag - Self-titled

Atlanta bands love to shuffle and reassemble, and one of the latest to crawl out of the incestuous ooze is Nag (pronounced NOG). The calamitous punk three-piece consists of equal parts Brannon Greene (Predator, GHB) on guitar and vocals, Tony Kozera (Maudlin) on bass, and either Ryan Fetter (Maudlin, every other band in town) on drums, or one of his several clones genetically engineered to tour, form more bands, and sport questionable haircuts.

Their debut self-titled cassette is a 12-minute snot rocket of stripped-down lo-fi bruisers and angular leads. Anxious rhythms build momentum like a wheelchair speeding down a hill before spilling out into a busy intersection of power chords and buzzsawing weirdo riffs. It’s abrasive, obtuse, panic-inducing stuff that should only be played at ear-splitting volume.

Remember your friend from high school that only ate Cheetos? The one who called in a bomb threat to get out of a test? Yeah, him. Look that guy up and send him this tape. Put some money on his books while you’re at it.

Nag is hitting the road for a regional run in September and have no plans to slow down. The trio will be back in the studio shortly after to track a pair of 7″ records due out in 2017. As for their self-titled cassette, it’s available now from Scavenger of Death or you can grab one tonight when the band plays 529.

Nag performs tonight at 529. Supporting them will be Multicult, the Purkinje Shift, and Pretty Please. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission is $7.

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Facebook: @nagatl