Jaguar Purrs

Following his self-titled debut, Jordan Parker’s new two-song single as Jaguar Purrs maintains the cave-like resonance that’s become something of a signature trademark. Every guitar, drum, and synthesizer is bathed in pleasant echo, providing a hypnotic backdrop for Parker’s cool yet familiar rasp. Admittedly, I was a big proponent of his inaugural EP, especially “You Are My Favorite Interruption,” a gorgeous electronic romance on par with Tame Impala’s murkier explorations. Unfortunately, these two cuts don’t quite deliver the juicy goods that reeled me in the first time around. Still, while the songwriting takes a slight dip here, I can’t deny Parker’s spectral production and gauzy instrumentation continue to retain an outstanding constancy.

Lead track “Far Away In Emma’s Thoughts” centers around the desire to leave behind a strained relationship, but is full of obsessive lines such as “I’ve been thinkin’ all about you night and day” and “in the clouds I see your face,” which muddy the singer’s intentions. “White Roses” travels a similar route with lyrics like “I’ve been looking for you” and “white rose pedals connect me to you,” continuing the focus on Parker’s displacement from the subject of the song. At one point he notes, “how far away I’ve been” — elsewhere, he croons, “I was far away.” This could be innocent, but I read it as Parker’s memo to the world about his inner struggle, with “White Roses” in particular focusing around his loneliness. This vulnerability adds a dimension to these tracks that, at first, was difficult to pick up on, but was quite memorable upon repeated listens.

Overall, I miss the casual nonchalance and expectant nature Parker showcased on his debut, and its smooth Rhett Butler style. The lyrics on these two cuts are far more earnest, and the effects feel unwieldy at times. Still, the alluring atmosphere of gray-hued dreariness Parker has crafted is in a gorgeous stage of development, and wise eyes would keep a lookout for whatever he has to offer next. For now, this six-minute EP is sure to add some succinct electronic love into your ear. If calm, two-chord grooves and a polished new wave sound is your style, be sure to check out what Jaguar Purrs has to offer.

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