Gunpowder Gray - Premonition

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I sat down to listen to Gunpowder Gray’s latest EP, Premonition, which I suppose is a bit ironic given the title. However, from the moment I pressed play I knew exactly what kind of music I was going to hear, and I couldn’t have been happier. This is unabashed rock and roll.

Over five roaring tracks, Premonition touches on many of the classic themes of heavy metal — hell, blood, fire, Marshall stacks cranked to 11. The EP does not waste time with love ballads or emotional breakouts; instead, it immediately tosses the listener into the pits of hell and incessantly batters them with infectious hooks and massive riffs. The crushing guitars, violent drums, and soaring vocals are reminiscent of metal giants like Danzig and Motörhead, while the modern production keeps the EP feeling fresh and exciting.

While some might see it is a weakness, the most refreshing part of Premonition is that Gunpowder Gray doesn’t try to re-envision the genre or break new ground. These guys understand their sources, they know the type of songs they want to write, and they absolutely knock it out of the park with seldom heard ferocity. In short, these are the kinds of songs that you’ll love to blast when you’re driving through the desert with a dozen cop cars trailing behind. It awakens the rebel inside of all of us, and that’s a pretty rare thing to find in modern music.

Premonition is available now on cassette and digital via Boris Records.

Gunpowder Gray will perform on Saturday, April 8 at 529. They will be supported by Dead Red Flowers, Twin Criminal, and Matt Lyons. Doors open at 9 pm. Admission is $8. 21+ to enter.

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