Goldyard - Fuck Culture III

On the third installment of their Fuck Culture series, Goldyard maintain the course they’ve been charting through the Atlanta rap scene albeit with stronger flows and an even stronger apathy towards mainstream culture. But are all of the ATL musical bells and whistles enough to make the group stand out like their flashy, energetic image?

Out the gate you realize Fuck Culture III attacks with greater urgency than the smooth vibes of their previous two releases. Fret not, though, as A.T. and In-Doe manage to make this project drink and smoke friendly. The energy in their respective deliveries is at an all-time high, especially from usual suspect In-Doe, who pulls out all the stops with his clever ad libs and vocal manipulation.

Listening to the LP, you can hear the group scoping the timeline of their emergence in Atlanta, from production by Kato of Funk Volume to guest appearances by Scotty ATL, 2$ Fabo, Jarren Benton, and Grip Plyaz. I can recall first hearing Goldyard in a mixtape series from SMKA over four years ago, and while the lyricism has improved, the pair’s flamboyancy has remained largely the same. With the exception of “Adam$ Song,” which gives a cross vibe of Atmosphere, Portishead, and Outkast, the first few tracks establish their tie to ATL hip-hop in a manner that’s lively yet redundant. In fact, it isn’t until we reach “Naomi,” a hard-hitting homage to loyalty featuring Scotty ATL on the hook, that the group begins to carve out their unique niche.

In an interview last year, In-Doe told us, “…the Fuck Culture meaning was saying that people get too caught up in culture and what is and isn’t supposed to be, which causes division. We bust down those walls that keep things separate to make it a mixture of everything. A lot of times we say or mean things that other people just dont get so we end up back tracking for them to catch up.” Welp, mission accomplished, fellas! Just when I thought Fuck Culture was a nibbling attempt at mimicking Migos and Future, our ears are fed a variety of abstract sounds—from the grungy atmospheres and minimalist funk of “Northwestcaburrus” and “JohnBonham” to the surrealist jazz of the Hello Ocho-composed “America the Bootyful.”

Overall, Fuck Culture III is a sincere attempt to show the world who they are—much as they always have. Goldyard is a mixture of a Thursday night at Star Bar and a Saturday night at Apache Café. But while we love the homage to Atlanta culture and originality, those who haven’t seen group in person or engaged with their imagery may still wonder what exactly is their sonic representation.

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