Atlanta duo Danger Incorporated first caught my ear with last year’s World Wide Web, a woozy and nebulous five-song affair that garnered the pair a considerable amount of buzz and led to their current partnership with Awful Records. Ever since then, they’ve been on a constant loop on my Spotify, injecting my daily mix with their hazy blend of lush hip-hop and ambient R&B as I waited for the much-anticipated follow-up. And damn does Danger Inc deliver the goods; Birds Fly By Night is a masterpiece that well lives up to—if not downright exceeding—its substantial hype.

In just over twenty minutes, Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord offer up nine expansive and exploratory tracks, each one sliding through with its own unique atmosphere and emotional resonance. Given this divergence of vibes and sounds, I hesitate the use the word “formula,” but there’s certainly a method to the pair’s dizzying, dazzling aesthetic. On most cuts, Louie Dufflebags plays the ideal setup man, serenading the listener with his warm and shimmering falsetto before giving way to Boothlord who then hammers the track with lyrical liquid, his aqueous bars tumbling over the LP’s wavy baselines and pulsing synths. Indeed, the duo’s interlocking chemistry is the key to Birds Fly By Night’s strong sense of cohesion, each track gliding seamlessly into the next as the pair lure you in and lock you into their hypnotic world.

If you’re looking for standout tracks, I recommend digging deep into “Ashley Olsen,” “Real G’s Only,” and “On My Block,” where each chorus provides a soulful radiance that lights the way for the rest of the album. From start to finish, Birds Fly By Night is a record that only seems to build in momentum and magnitude, boasting an inventiveness that bodes well for the group’s longevity. Where Danger Incorporated go from here is anyone’s guess, but after such a consummate release, the sky is the limit.

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