Atlanta-based CHEW have been touring since the the middle of last year and it’s no wonder why everyone is constantly looking forward to their shows. The trio did not pop out of nowhere; the founding members have been dedicated members in the Atlanta music scene for years and have refined their talents to create their experimental music that is influenced by members’ other bands; namely, DAMS and Swank Sinatra. Their distinct musical backgrounds bring a raw energy that is amplified by the group’s focus on their progressive instrumental music, though this band does not have any shortcomings without vocals.

Recorded at Head Space Sound, CHEW’s 3D EP emphasizes their rough yet whimsically daring melodies. The band’s inventive melding of experimental and psychedelic rock is certainly a defining trait, but there are also subtle hints of distinctive Southern guitar twang, so you cannot forget where their musical roots are grounded.

CHEW relies on their slightly antagonistic delivery to push you further into their music. Take note of the deliberate transitions such as the intriguing build-up of “Transparent Awareness,” which keeps true to its funky heart, drawing its movement from the jazzy drumming of Sarah “Snare-uh” Wilson. You can also hear a traditional metal influence, specifically in “Melt,” with its reliance on Brandon Pittman’s stellar bass work. “Mother Hubbard” ends the EP with an emphatic crash of crushing guitar and heartbeat rhythmic drums that showcases Brett Reagan’s mesmerizing balancing act between guitar and synthesizer.

3D covers a multitude of musical inspirations culminating in a genuine and heartfelt journey that opens with the use of light sleigh bells and finishes in a whirlwind of earnest intensity. CHEW is a band that doesn’t rely on any one member to lead you; there’s no push or pull for dominance in their songs. Instead, they strike a musical sweet spot that results in a powerhouse psychedelic presence. CHEW’s music is meant to be a visceral and intuitive experience, not a narrative to follow in your head, leaving you heavy with the desire for more of their music. Simply put, with 3D, CHEW has found their niche in the diverse nooks and crannies of Atlanta’s music scene.

CHEW will perform tonight at 529 when they play in support of WAKE and Miggs Son Daddy. Local rapper Victor Mariachi opens the show. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations will be collected at the door. All proceeds will go to Rise Up.

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