It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally excited to announce the launch of our new live-to-tape video series, RECORD/RECEIVE. The basic premise is simple: we film a local band or artist as they perform an original song that’s being recorded live in-studio. One track. One take. All caught on tape. The intent is for this to start as a monthly series and to shoot/record episodes at various locales — recording studios, home studios, music venues, and so on. I’m sure we’ll add in some twists and surprises as we go along, but you get the picture.

Our first episode features Sydney Eloise and the Palms performing a stirring rendition of “Ode to an Old Friend,” from their 2015 debut, Faces. It was shot and recorded at Sound and Stone Studios in Midtown Atlanta with producer Keith O’Neill at the helm, who did a masterful job of capturing all the various details and nuances that make the song sound so expansive. Eloise herself is in particularly fine form, her honey-coated vocals adding plenty of mirth and mystery to the overall jaunty performance. Check it out above and make sure to stay tuned for more episodes in the coming months.

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