The irony of Wieuca’s new track is found in the surprisingly refined nature of the song. If Canadian tuxedos are inextricably rural, one could be forgiven for expecting country bumpkin rock and roll. Instead, “Canadian Tuxedo” is an excursion into lyrically rich, poignant indie rock with a psychedelic edge.

There is an artistic clarity to the track which has been building throughout Wieuca’s previous releases, but “Canadian Tuxedo” is a far cry from the four-piece’s debut album, There is No Balance. Since that effort, the band has wisely moved away from stereotypical Athens rock; the hints of R.E.M. and Drive-By Truckers are gone, and the jammy undertones have been replaced with finely honed pop hooks.

This is still a band willing to try anything though, as evidenced by the raucous bridge which breaks up the song with fist-pumping ’70s guitar work and keeps the band from becoming a Southern clone of Real Estate. It’s within the bridge that the new maturity of Wieuca is best demonstrated as they pull back immediately into more mundane indie rock, while exposing musical facets initially invisible during the first half of the song.

In short, “Canadian Tuxedo” still oozes sunglass-clad fun, but it’s a vibrant, inquisitive take on rock and roll that challenges genre and tactfully avoids the insipid garage rock noodling that so often afflicts artists attempting to push the envelope. Check it out below.

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