Yes, you read that right — “Nightwork.” Yes, I’m really out of my league here. But work is work, and love is love, and who hasn’t been trampled by one or the other? And what better way to beat both than to strut to the dancefloor?

No, that’s not working, is it? Take two, then. TAYLOR ALXNDR, co-founder of Southern Fried Queer Pride and a fiery activist, is a total boss. “Nightwork” captures a shade of their electric presence — statuesque, sumptuous, sashaying with deliberate pace and sultry glances. “My music is a reflection of my life — my politics, my experiences, and my inner thoughts,” ALXNDR told us back in January, and all three collide here in an arresting wave of pulsing synths and crisp handclaps.

In this case, the song refers to their five years as a drag queen, where crowds can prove to be as fickle as unfaithful lovers. “At the time I wrote [‘Nightwork’], Atlanta was getting major attention as a drag destination,” ALXNDR says, “and I noticed a lot of cliques being formed. I felt slighted, to say the least.” So while the song evokes the glamor and glitz of a nightlife foreign to most, the underlying sentiment — of questioning one’s worth, as both an artist and performer — should ring true to almost anyone who entertains the public.

I’m still out of my league with this premiere, aren’t I? Yeah, probably. Sigh. I am half the woman that Taylor is, for sure.

“Nightwork” is the first single from TAYLOR ALXNDR’s upcoming EP, NOISE, out this summer.

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