Listen to the airy, melancholy synthpop newcomer Seersha unveils on her debut single, and it may come as a shock to learn that less than a year ago she was in Nashville composing country songs for other artists. But life in Music City left the Atlanta native feeling homesick; moreover, the work, however steady, never quite suited her passion. So the songwriter, vocalist, and producer made her way back to the ATL where she spent the majority of the next few months tucked away alone in her apartment, writing and recording her forthcoming self-titled EP.

“Wasteland” is a sparse, elegiac track built on the soft swell of hazy synths, delicate guitars, and brittle handclap percussion. The pacing is glacial but deliberate, like a slow march in a dense fog. Any sense of color or shape is gauzy and muted, leaving only Seersha’s ethereal voice to guide the listener through the mist. If all that sounds a bit depressing, worry not. The track, while cast in a downhearted aura, still seeks out the beauty within such stark conditions, and manages to lift them to the surface, turning her glum lamentations into something haunting and gorgeous.

Listen below.

Seersha’s self-titled debut will release on her independent label, Fox Nose Records, this May.

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