One of the magical qualities of a live performance is that way in which it can unravel the mystery behind a song. Oftentimes while listening to a recorded piece of music we can become entangled in the intricacies of the notes or lose ourselves within its labyrinthine structure. But in a live setting we are able to monitor the assemblage of each individual passage and all of its accompanying details. This allows us tear away any obstructions and set ourselves a breadcrumb trail to find our way back to the beginning.

Listen to Scooterbabe weave their glistening webs of interlocking guitars and it’s easy to become mesmerized by the shape-shifting patterns, the constant spinning and over/underlapping of melodies and rhythms. But watch the band perform a pair of singles live on the latest session from Pity Party and suddenly that same mysterious latticework appears in sharp relief. Those mystifying patterns, while no less elegant, become more discernible. In some ways it’s not unlike learning how a magic trick works — yes, part of the enigma is washed away, but left behind is a deeper appreciation for the timing and mechanics behind the illusion.

Although the session features songs we’ve heard in the past — the jaunty “Spine Sick” and the towering “Billowing/Eight Month Pillow Fort” — today’s premiere finds the band in a period of forward momentum with a new record already underway. “We just recently started recording our next album and I’m super excited,” says singer/guitarist JJ Posway. “If all goes according to plan, it’s gonna be the kind of album I’ve been wanting to make since I was a kid. We hope to release some Scooterbabe music in 2017, whether it’s the second album or something else. Other than that, we plan to tour some more and release/record music from our various other projects.”

Scooterbabe has a pair of shows coming up: tomorrow at Mammal Gallery and Friday at the World Famous in Athens. Tomorrow they will play in support of Harlot Party and Saline with fellow locals WF Addams opening. Doors are at 9 p.m. Admission is $5. 18+ to enter. Safe space. Friday the group will headline with Isaak Pancake and We Roll Like Madmen playing in support. Doors open at 10 p.m.

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