The pseudonym of musician and producer Michael O’Shea, Kinjac is a Los Angeles-based project that crafts shadowy electrorock built on dark, moody rhythms and ambient grooves. Born and raised in Asheville, NC, O’Shea was, until recently, a resident of Atlanta, and has described his sound as “Southern Gothic Electronic” with existential lyrics that examine life’s more bleak and sordid aspects—death, dishonesty, disillusion, betrayal.

His latest release, which we’re excited to premiere today, features a pair of singles recorded with his sister Kathryn, a local folk singer-songwriter and a puppeteer at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Together the duo weave a tangled web of melodies that continuously overlap and intersect in a manner that is both darkly alluring and yet oddly mirthful. “I am a lover and a cynic / I’m a disillusioned idealist” O’Shea laments on the sleek and funky “Tired of You,” his words tumbling over the tracks’ stuttering drums and sashaying bass before dissolving into Kathryn’s swirling falsetto.

Meanwhile, “Arrivals” takes a more direct pop approach with O’Shea laying down a driving, jazzed-up groove as Kathryn heads to the airport in a headlong rush to reconnect with her lover. The track isn’t as vibrant or as imposing as the preceding cut, but the song’s mounting tension only grows more restless and chaotic as the pair share an “incandescent” kiss that “changes everything in one second.”

Give them both a listen below.

“Tired of You/Arrivals” is out today.

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