We don’t know who Josef Plus is. No, really. Google yields nothing, his promoter has zipped their lips, and we have no photo to go by. All we’ve got is this utterly divine slice of cyber utopia, a space station lounge with velvet curtains and lovely glitches in the circuitry, nestled somewhere between SBTRKT, FKA Twigs, and Spacek. Where could this ship lead us? Darkness lies before us, and the spare chrome design reveals no trace of a past.

The only clues we can pass on stem from Forester Studios, an entity also untraceable in this world. Their field notes (left open on the cool steel coffee table, beside the one piece of decór in the room — a vase of roses) tell us that “Josef” seeks to instill Atlanta with “a fresh take on romance,” to reach out and touch the souls that gravitate towards his art. What are we seeing here, though? Is this the blueprint to an experiment yet to be launched? Or have we fallen through a hole in time, and stumbled upon a parallel universe where these names pulse like neon marquees across the land?

No. Don’t answer these questions for me. This is better in the dark.

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