There’s a kinetic intensity within CHEW’s music that seems to filter its way into everything the band does. Not only does the group compose songs that are forever in flux, experimenting liberally with genre and form, but they also remain one of the most relentlessly active acts in the city. Few groups tour as widely or as often as the instrumental trio, and the reward for all their constant movement has been a rapidly expanding fan base that is now beginning to find its footing overseas.

That footing includes the support of UK label Stolen Body Records, who’s gearing up to release CHEW’s sophomore EP, A Fine Accoutrement, on Nov. 2. To help promote the new record, CHEW is embarking on their first ever European tour, an eight-date trek that will take the band through parts of the UK, Italy, and France. It’s a significant step forward for a group that has heretofore functioned as a bare-bones, DIY operation—one that firmly cements their status as a band on the rise.

But before the threesome pack up their gear and board any planes, we have for you this morning the premiere of the EP’s first single, “Crunchy.” By CHEW standards, the track is straightforward and direct, riding a deep psych groove that slides into elements of hazed-out prog and fuzz-laden funk. There’s something celebratory about the song’s heady atmospheric strut—Sarah “Snare-uh” Wilson’s frenetic drumming sounds particularly spry and triumphant—but also something mesmeric and meditative. It’s an ecstatic effort, but according to the group, the forthcoming record will be darker and more intricate than its predecessor. So while the shift may resonate with a lot of listeners, fans shouldn’t grow too comfortable with the band’s latest incarnation.

“We’ve always wanted to leave the door wide open for our music,” says guitarist Brett Reagan. “If we’re doing it right, we should be in a constant transmutation. ‘Crunchy’ is one path… just a little chicanery deceiving you with an illusion into A Fine Accoutrement.”

Give it a listen below.

A Fine Accoutrement is out Nov. 2. Pre-orders are available here.

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