Inspired by his travels to Cuba over the summer and the people he encountered along the way, Peter Roglin’s upcoming LP as Charolastra is said to be more directly influenced by jazz and prog rock than his past works, although those sounds don’t necessarily bubble to the surface when listening to “Ladrona.” While much of Passenger will rely on his full band—Speros Kokenes on guitar, Dylan Banks on drums, Alex Pound on bass, and Quinn Masonry on saxophone—the album’s lead single features only Roglin’s production and the mélange of offbeat electronic grooves and atmospheric textures that he specializes in. The track is one of the dynamic and more danceable cuts from the LP, with thumping bass and a pulsing beat leading the way for sashaying waves of spiraling piano, spiky synths, and crisp percussion.

Much like the rest of the album, “Ladrona” also incorporates field recordings from the streets of Havana and snippets of conversations Roglin had with people along his journey. Here, however, the clips are augmented and distorted in such a way as to make them blend into the background or serve as a rhythmic addition rather than some sort of auditory aside. His goal was to create a more ambient and cinematic aesthetic, one that spoke direct to his Cuba experience while also immersing both himself and the listener in his instinctive vision.

“[Passenger] has to do with just getting so swept up in a place that it’s not like your even ‘driving the car’ anymore so to speak, but are just sort of along for the ride,” Roglin explains via email. “For better or worse, acting out of impulse rather than conscious decision.”

Listen below.

Passenger is out Mar. 23 on VLSC Records.

Charolastra will celebrate the release of Passenger on Fri., Mar. 23 at 529 alongside Divine Interface, QUAS, and Op.Fm. Doors open at 9 p.m. Donations accepted at the door. 21+ to enter.

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